CSC June, 2018 Program

June, 21-23

Host Church

Colorado Springs Apostolic Church

Elections will be held this Council. Click here to get to know our candidates. Voting will begin Friday, June 22nd at 4:00 PM and conclude Saturday, June 23rd at 10:00 AM. Please see Sis. Nekedra Bullock for a paper ballot (following Business Meeting til 9:30 AM Saturday). Online voting will be made available at opening time. Results will be announced at the conclusion of the Climax Worship Service.

Worship Services & Speakers


Thursday, June 21, 7:00 PM | District Elder Reginald Cox


Friday, June 22, 6:50 PM | Diocesan Bishop Jones Foote

Saturday, June 23, 10:00 AM | Pastor Jeff Lane


Saturday, June 23, 2:00 PM | Suff. Bishop Jeffery Clint

Friday, June 22, 2015
Day Programming

10:00 AM 

Doors Open at 9:30 AM for on-site registration



10:00 AM
“What Your Yes Will Produce”
When you say Yes to God it will cause a letting go of some things and a surrender to receive what he has for you.

Evangelist Connie Wint








11:05 AM

 “Today is My Day: Positioning Is Everything”

Learn how to be in position to receive everything God has for you.

Lady Tina Combs








12:05 PM

“Don’t Excuse Yourself Out of Your Destiny”

Explore how your excuses can impact your destiny.

Sis. Kytira Reddick










2:00 PM

Business Meeting

Registration Badge Required to attend meeting.


9:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Minute To Win It Games, Boulder Park

PERMISSION SLIP REQUIRED  Click here to print.

Attire: Red Tops

Pastor Ronald and Lady Jocelyn Kelly
1505 E. Monument
Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Saturday, June 23, 2015
Day Programming


8:30 - 9:50 AM

Women’s Annual Breakfast

"Real Change Yields Real Deliverance"

9:30 AM 

Doors Open for on-site registration


10:00 AM 

Morning Glory

Pastor Jeff Lane











11:10 AM 





"Real Change Yields Real Deliverance" - Continued

Lady Erica Cox











“Fathers, Love Your Children”

Fathers, your children, even your adult ones, need your love.
Elder Eugene Johnson









12:10 PM
General Assembly

“It’s My Winning Season”

It ain’t over until God says it’s over. Learn to encourage yourself in this season because you were designed to win!
Elder Eric Smith



This opportunity allows the CSC YPU to come together and fellowship.



2:00 PM


Suff. Bishop Jeffery Clint, Sr.

Colorado State Council


P. O. Box 172764

Denver, CO 80217




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